Welcome to our crazy Creative Chaos!

Our original beginning (back when we were Venjo's Stitches) was founded in the fall of 2009 by a young wife who wanted something to do while being stuck inside with snow storms in Western Mass. while her husband was busy at work and school. She was partially taught by her Ge-Ma who passed away in the same month she decided to tackle the world's lack of "warm and fuzzies" - and the rest she learned from friends and with her Mom. She decided to take matters in her own hands and create a business full of knitted and crocheted goods that she would hand craft and design, along with custom orders for her friends and family or anyone else that would like a choice on what type of home-made scarf they received.

As the years went on, and her confidence built, she expanded her horizons into many different mediums before feeling most fulfilled by painting, inking, wire wrapping, and breaking dishes!

For the first time she feels as though she can accurately express herself artistically and is happy to share her little pieces with whomever loves them and wishes to give them a happy home.

"Creative Chaos" is all about accepting all those crazy, spontaneous impulses to make something! Anything! Get Expressive!

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