Hey Guys!

So, we are all back from our holiday celebrating, yes? Well, most of us anyway!

I am not one for New Years Resolutions.  In fact, I am quite annoyed by the societal pressures of needing to suddenly have this desire to change our lives because the calendar page has changed.

However, about a week ago, a friend shared her interest in a thing called a "bullet journal" and inquired who else was also utilizing this new form of a journal blended with a calendar and a to-do list.

I was immediately interested and was suddenly remembering why I signed up for a Pinterest account so many years ago!

I have ALWAYS struggled to find a way to keep all my thoughts/doodles/to-do notes/calendar in order and I am SO stinking forgetful, it brings me to tears at least 5 times a week.

Nobody should be living in this post-it hell that I have found myself barricaded into!

So, today I finally got mine started and I am very much looking forward to remembering to type here, to update there, and to keep in touch MUCH more than I have been.

YAY routine!  YAY organizing!

....I hope. hahaha!

Here's to a new way to keep myself on track and to stick to what I mean to!

Here's to....basically becoming a post-it.

~Elizabeth <3